A Roasted Chicken Soup fit for a cold

 I pride myself on escaping most colds. Usually I'll feel like I'm coming down with something during the day, drink plenty of water, get a good night sleep and my immune system does its thing overnight so when I wake up I feel ok. This time however, the cold couldn't be kicked. It stuck and yesterday's trip to the Aquarium was really exhausting and didn't help my recovery. Luckily, Matt decided that he was going to make a chicken soup for the first time so I found a recipe for him to follow.

I searched through a number of recipes online and finally found one that looked promising at How Sweet Eats. 
Source: How Sweet Eats

The verdict: Awesome soup, but a lot of work! It's going to take you a decent amount of time to 1. Roast a chicken 2. Boil the bones to make a stock and then finally 3. Assemble the soup.
Matt is definitely a trooper to follow through with this for my cold. Love his love of cooking on Sundays!
Now.. back to the How Sweet Eats blog. You should see her desserts! OMG!

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