Homeowners Again!

We bought at house!

It sounds so easy doesn't it? Let me be a little more specific: we searched for, found, had inspected, received financing for, and officially closed on A HOUSE! Our official close date was December 2nd so we've actually had it for over a week now. We had a few things to take care of pre-moving in like installing insulation in the attic, but we're hoping to schedule our movers for this weekend. Weather permitting - and moving in December adds another snowy dimension that we have never dealt with before since we've always moved in either August or September.

This time around (you know, as veteran second-time homebuyers), we have far fewer large scale DIY projects to get out of the way before we move in. Last time, we repainted a bunch of rooms, ripped out second floor carpet (gross.), and completely demo'd and reinstalled a master bedroom closet. This time we're working with a house that was just flipped and the seller did a great job at making it totally modern and liveable. The attic insulation had to happen because before we closed on the house, the seller had vermiculite insulation (i.e. an insulation type from the 50's that contains asbestos) removed because our plan is to create a master bed and bath suite on the second floor in the spring. It was a pretty glamourless job, but the good news is that 1. it didn't take terribly long (about 4 hours?) and 2. no one fell through the ceiling! It wasn't a huge project, but I'll try to share how we did it soon.

I'll be sure to share a full house tour in the next post so you'll get to see some pics of the house before the furniture arrives.

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