Day 1: Three Things at SXSW

I just arrived in Austin for the annual intersection of Music, Film and Interactive -South by Southwest (SXSW) last night, directly after my trip to Miami. 

I will spare you the full recap, but her are three things about SXSW Day 1.

The taxi line. 
As Austin is inundated with badge holders arriving from faraway lands, the cities resources are obviously going to be a little drained. This is probably the longest taxi line I've ever seen. 

Art is everywhere. 
One of the things I love most about Austin is the creativity. It's literally everywhere and always unexpected to a straight-laced New Englander like me. This photo was taken outside of Chuy's restaurant. 

A Mantra

Forget the ABC's of SXSW and you'll be sorry. Luckily you can usually find a free plug, just don't forget your charger!


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