What's New for Me in November

What's New In November

As a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, I'm always trying new products from dōTERRA. Each month I'll let you know what I've ordered (or re-ordered) and my thoughts on these products. dōTERRA has hundreds of products so I doubt we will ever run out of items to test!

First up, my re-orders:

-Wild Orange and a Petal Diffuser for the winner of last month's giveaway. This is a classic favorite and I hope our winner loves it as much as I do!

- PB Assist JR. for my kids. My kids freaking LOVE this daily probiotic pack.
PB Assist Jr is a powdered probiotic supplement designed for children or adults who have trouble swallowing pills. It includes 5 billion live cells of a unique blend of six different probiotic strains, specifically selected for their benefits among children. These probiotics have been blended into a delicious powder that can be poured directly into the mouth for a fun and tasty way to integrate probiotics into anyone’s daily routine.

-Cedarwood & Cypress for my Mom. I turned her on to the versatility of these two oils for diffusing.

Now, the new stuff:

- Wintergreen is specifically for diffuser recipes for the holidays and winter
- Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex is a supplement for overworked muscles. I've used the Deep Blue roll-on and cream for a year now, but my neck has been bothering me lately so I wanted to up the ante. I will be sure to report back on how it goes!
- Cardamom was a request for my mother-in-law but I hope to add this to my shopping cart in December as well!
- Elephant Diffuser I got each of the girls their own Elephant Diffuser for their rooms. Not only does this bad boy diffuse, but it also has soothing music and light effects!

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