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Some of the day's news highlights...

First of all, Tony Snow. So I'm logging into my mail at AOL today and I see the headline, "He's called Bush 'An embarrassment'... who hasn't. If you're going to go on that basis... well then I'm sure that even his own mother is out of the running.

Then there's Chernobyl. Today marks the 20th anniversary of the nuclear accident that resulted in radiation contamination that affected most of Europe. I didn't realize that this occurred in 1986, at that point I was too young to remember it happening(since I was only 4), but I was always under the impression that it happened in the 70's for some reason. Check out the wiki article if you'd like some more info.

In celebrity gossip today, US Weekly is claiming that Britney Spears is "100 percent pregnant again with her second child". Nooo say it ain't so!! Not another K-Fed spawn! You know, I was really hoping that we would see Britney get back on her feet, clean up, and start doing something productive again. Granted, I was never a huge Brit-Brit fan, but it's just sad to see her like this!


  1. Anonymous11:06 PM

    1.First of all, Whos Tony Snow?
    2.As far as Bush goes, I wouldnt say he is a total EMBARRASSMENT. Who else couldve made the American public look at the presidency as a fraud.
    3.Ok, so the 20th anniversary of the accident is celebrated, huh. What were you doing 11 years after? Should that be celebrated?
    4.Yeah, what is it with Britney? What a waste. She might as well make babies and just conceal her identity. She has enough money to have Kevin keep giving her more offspring so they can all live in that beautiful trailer on 200 acres of land.

  2. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Ok I now know who Tony Snow is, he is the new press secretary for President Bush. I think this was a brave move for Bush. He needs to have a better public relationship and who better to do it with, than a popular news radio host.


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