Kennedy's Gone Wild

I saw today in the news that Patrick Kennedy (I didn't vote for him! Thank God I'm in the only other district in Rhode Island) got himself into a little fender bender the other night, claiming that he was under the influence of Ambien and some other medication for tummy troubles. You know I have heard stories of people doing some pretty whacky things on Ambien, like sleepwalk-binge eating whole bags of cookies, so I'm not going to totally discredit his story.

...But this whole news piece reminded me of when I met Ted Kennedy & his two large dogs in the elevator of the Biltmore Hotel in Providence. I was with my two best friends on Election Night in Rhode Island and it was a big night for the Democrats, who were all partying at that hotel. I think the only major seat they lost that night was for governor.. but who cares about that ; )

We had such a great time hopping from suite to suite and serving ourselves drinks from the bathtub (beer, not bathtub gin), and even found ourselves in a dance party in Matt Brown's room with the Young Democrats from Roger Williams. I can't believe that was almost 4 years ago now!!!

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