Diary of a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

First of all, make that 4 wisdom teeth. There's a big difference there...

Day One- pain is fine as soon as vicodin kicks in, spend the day watching Laguna Beach Season 1 re-runs. Go to bed feeling like a million bucks.

Day Two- Oww.. this isn't fun. Pop some more vicodin. Starting to resemble a chipmunk now. Sleep, mashed potatoes, and jello followed by a National Geographic on Malaria, and all of the Women's Wear Dailies that I haven't read over the past 2 weeks. Matt's poker boys come over, I retire to my bed. Wake up and stay up until Matt comes to bed at 2.

Day Three- Wake up feeling icky and eat some jello. Wake up at 6 because all pain meds have worn off and try to eat jello so I can take some more. Peach jello reemerges minutes later and I have to resort to advil instead. Try to get up at 10 and eat yogurt so I can re-vic. It finally kicks in and I can sleep. Rest of the afternoon consists of Devil Wears Prada, Britcoms (Footballers Wives and Hollyoakes), Live Earth, and more WWD. More mashed potatoes, less jello.

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