Hip-Hopopotamus vs. The Rhymenocerous

This is so funny! If you've ever seen Flight of the Conchords you'll know what I'm talking about. Well, the truth is, like The Office, you either love the weird humor or you don't.

IcCa484 (8:50:34 PM): ok that was slightly ridiculous
jem415 (8:51:00 PM): hahah well you're taking it out of context!
IcCa484 (8:51:14 PM): ohhh
IcCa484 (8:51:15 PM): right
IcCa484 (8:51:33 PM): because within some sort of a context it wouldn't be slightly ridiculous??
jem415 (8:52:10 PM): oh I'll give you slightly
jem415 (8:52:33 PM): actually, now that I think about it.. it's more ridiculous when you put it in context
jem415 (8:52:52 PM): you see... they're getting mugged in NYC and he has just handed over his homemade camera phone
IcCa484 (8:54:00 PM): ohh
IcCa484 (8:54:01 PM): haha
jem415 (8:54:12 PM): you really want to see it now don't you
IcCa484 (8:54:25 PM): oh yeah
IcCa484 (8:54:29 PM): you know it

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