Friday, September 30, 2005

Ohh Les Français

La Vie Française

Being the news junkie that I am, I stumbled across this article "French forces storm ship". Knowing how dramatic and excitable the French can get I was intrigued to open.
After reading the whole article, I was brought right back to my days of living in France...and les grèves. It's a phenomenon that Americans struggle to understand, "strikes". Sure, sure we have our share of teachers striking at the start of every school year but nothing compares to the French grève. Before moving to France, I had heard tales from others who ventured across the pond and had dealt with the French tendency to basically wage "war" on the government until they got their way. I swear, if you pulled any of those stunts here you would be dubbed a threat to the United States of America before you could say put me on that Terrorist List so I can't board planes...
A French grève will disrupt your day to day life more than you ever thought was possible. What do you mean public transportation is down today?? The trains aren't running?? How is that possible. While living in Marseille, France I was unlucky to experience a few of these upsets. The worst was when the Garbage men of Marseille went on strike in May. If any of you are familiar with the South of France in May... it's HOT. Let me tell you, the combination of heat, garbage, and strike are lethal. The smell was horrendous. I guess they proved their point though... Ahhh give them whatever they want! Just make that smell go away!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ohh Baby!

Awww I just could not resist! I had to put this up for the rest of Baby Joe's BSG Aunties. I'm sure Joe will eventually teach him all he needs to know about having his own BSG.

What a muffin he is! Ohh I'm sorry, "peanut" would be the appropriate term according to Carey. God I miss those girls and those days!

Hahah I met Joe a few years ago on his 21st birthday. He was screaming and hanging out of a convertible and we've been best friends ever since : ) Congrats again!!

*BSG- Black Shirt Gang

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

gossip folks

Ok, as much as I hate to admit this, I really miss the day to day gossip of my past college life. For all of you who need to live off something... check out this site:

I'm sure you'll get everything you're looking for and more.

Can the Real World Handle Key West?

Ok so I know my posts haven't been work related in ages but this stuff is just too good to let go...

After all of the Florida Keys posts of recent, I thought I'd let you all in on the Real World gossip that hasn't even aired yet. : ) As someone who grew up with the Real World, it's always exciting to find out what town those crazy kids will be tearing up next. It turns out that the MTV execs of the RW just couldn't get enough of South Florida and are back again, this time in Key West (or Key Havento be exact, an exclusive neighborhood a few miles from KW).

Here are some good links:
Real World Flees Rita

Miami Herald's Businessman Sues MTV's Real World

Monday, September 26, 2005


Well my dad made out just fine with the hurricane. In his own words, "Ohh we were fine. It was like a Nor'Easter without the snow." (And he's still very excited about that sea kayak.)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Yikes! Cat. 5!

Hurricane Rita is now a Cat. 5

Unbelievable that we'd have 2 Cat. 5's in less than a month! I don't remember ever seeing one! I hear the Keys ended up less damage than expected. I am glad to hear that, haven't heard from my dad yet though. I would imagine there's flooding and some wind damage, but not complete destruction.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hurricane Rita Links

Time Magazine
'Riding out Rita in Key West',8599,1106981,00.html


Hurricane Rita Update...

My dad, a Florida Keys resident for the past 10 years is a very brave man, not so smart right now or incredibly wise when it comes to judgment, but a brave man. I'm sitting here today, stressed beyond belief because my dad has chosen to ride out this hurricane on a tiny island surrounded by water and with a maximum elevation of 12 feet above sea level (and that's technically in the middle of Rt.1).

"In the Keys, a lot of people are stubborn," said Craig Fugate, director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

Yes, I can definitely agree with that statement... My dad calls me on Sunday night to say, "Oh I think this one's going to hit us pretty bad." Then goes on to rave about his new sea kayak for 20 minutes like this storm coming straight at them is some summer rain shower. "And Julie wants you to get Jessica to take some good pictures of the surfers at Narragansett." Priorities... "Dad are you going to evacuate this time?" "No, no we'll be fine" "Ok well call me, and let me know if you need anything" "Ohhh we won't neeeed anything" Ahh I finally see where I get that from... ; )

Anyway, while my dad is "hunkering down" (gotta love those Bush phrases, they must have some crazy uncle in Texas that comes up with all of these) in Marathon, Hurricane Rita is now a Category 2 storm and continuing to batter the Keys. The storm surge is already causing problems and the islands are not designed to handle it. If you've ever been to the Keys, you'll notice that the ocean is never more than a few feet away (ok ok maybe more than a few).

Most importantly, I hope my dad is going to be just fine down there, especially knowing how vulnerable the area is in which he lives. My guess is that the sea kayak was a good investment. Hopefully, he didn't have a lot of property damage, I will have to wait to hear about that. It's so sad for me to think that my paradise is going to be so damaged by this storm : ( I'll be down there in either October or November and I'm sure the mess will still be there.

I'll leave this entry with some pictures of happier times in the Keys : )

This is me on a catamaran at Dry Tortugas, off Key West on a brighter day.

Dry Tortugas, Florida Keys

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Irish Experience

I just got my pictures back from my business trip to Ireland. The trip was a few months ago in June, so you can see what happens when your digital camera breaks days before you go away and you're forced to use a disposable camera. The film literally sat on my desk right under my nose for 3 months until I decided to get it developed. You can say that I'm definitely one for the instant gratification of digital cameras.

Castle at the Cliffs of Mohr
near Galway, Ireland

I found out that I was going to have to make this trip a mere 4 days before leaving. I guess that's Corporate America for you... The short time I had to get ready for this trip wasn't a problem, I've been to Europe a number of times for vacations, to live, etc. I knew exactly what to pack to keep me comfortable in a strange land (Benydryl to knock me out cold at night, enough women's fashion magazine to keep me occupied for weeks, and a new selection of toiletries to keep me happy) Although I've been to Europe before for vacations and school, I'd never been on a business trip across the Atlantic. Granted I knew the madness that is functioning in a foreign country. However, I came up with a new scale to categorize this madness that one can expect when traveling to Europe.

Cat.1- Traveling: expect to get lost, fry a hairdryer or other electronic device from the US, get ripped off (hopefully not pickpocketed), and other small annoyances that come with tourist life.

Cat.2- Study Abroad: same as above for first 2/3 weeks until the culture shock sets in. Then one can expect dirty looks from locals, extreme frustration with bueauracracy, longing for a Cheeseburger and fries, normal TV, and non-existant internet connections etc. etc. (but also expect loads of time off, really easy classes, and great parties)

Cat.3- Working abroad: Oh while it's usually pretty smooth sailing as far as getting on the plane and to your hotel because business travelers are pretty well taken care of, as soon as you get to the office and try to get any work done the way you usually do it is just not going to happen. I'll continue this entry later....

- - To Be Continued - -


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Where do I want to be right now?

Fashion Week. New York City.

Where do I not want to be right now... face to face with Naomi Campbell-she's crazy! I would imagine that the scariest job in the world would be Naomi Campbell's assistant. Just today I've heard that she backed a woman up against a wall and started punching her in the face Tyson-style just because she had the same dress on as her AND had a temper tantrum fit. She even has her own daily tantrum alert... apparently her reputation precedes her.

Naomi tantrum alert: Naomi Campbell was scheduled to walk
the runway at Chris Aire's jewelry presentation Tuesday, but did not. Women'
Wear Daily reports that Campbell stormed out of her fitting when she realized
she would not be wearing the highlight of the show — a $40 million dress made
completely of diamonds.

Honestly kids, beauty isn't everything... remember it's no excuse to run around terrorizing people.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Labor Day- The Unofficial End of Summer?

Block Island, RI Labor Day Weekend '05 It has always been that Labor Day marks the end of summer. Technically, summer isn't over until September 21st ish... so why are we so quick to declare it over?? Was it the only way possible to trick children into going to school before summer was officially over? Ahaha! That must be it... However, I'm ok with summer sticking around for a few more weeks and since, for the first time since I was 5, I don't haaave to go back to school. Wooooo! See, graduating isn't so bad after all. Now that all of my college friends aren't sleeping in and going to the beach everyday I'm much more content sitting at a desk all day getting paid to write this blog and check facebook. I'll tell you what I won't be missing... parking 3 miles away, writing 10 page french term papers, freshmen girls from New Jersey, etc etc. I still have a roommate now in Grad School that can fill me in on all of that if I ever have that longing feeling for college. And score! she still fills me in on all of the gossip anyway. "Omigod guess who I saw in Ballentine!" It's great.
So, with that, and my decision to end summer on September 21st...hell let's make it September 22nd, I'll leave you with one more picture that proves it can still be summer in September : )

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Google Me

So when I first looked at the side-bar over there where the links are I thought it said "Google Me" instead of Google News. My first reaction was "hahah ohhh boy... I've done that."

Go ahead google my name.... I'll wait a minute. Yup that's right America's Nude Girl Next Door from Lincoln, Nebraska. When I first googled my name a few years ago I came across this Melissa Harrington and her nude website. At the time I was slightly shockedand then annoyed because she had way too entries for me to ever find something actually related to me personally. So basically, I had to be more specific when researching my internet fame. Next, I tried to add URI to my name, which gave me enough sites to satisfy me. Apparently, I have much URI internet fame due to the Rainville Award, URI in Marseille, and the Student Senate minutes (where you'll only find my name in roll call...because I was too busy sending notes across the room than contributing to student government).

The Melissa from Lincoln story did not end with my initial Google Me search. A few months later, my friend Nick called me up, "Dude! You're on CNN." Now, I must admit that my level of trust with Nick's credibility is somewhat low. Hmmm... maybe due to the fact that he tells me outlandish stories all the time and I believe him and then feel really stupid when it turns out they weren't anywhere close to the truth. Like the time he told me that he just got back from Virginia Beach where he joined an amateur photography club and took pictures of seals or something. See? That could be true and why would someone tell you something like that if it wasn't true? Anyway, I didn't have any idea what he was talking about until he went on to say, "This girl is on CNN for posing topless in Lincoln, Nebraska to promote her website and she has the same name as you!." Ding ding! I know this girl. A few days later I was telling this story to my friends when we were sitting around on Wine-O Wednesday and they thought it would be a great idea to log in and take advantage of free trial membership of 20 minutes. I didn't see the site unfortunately, but they assured me that it must have been much better before her appearance on CNN and subsequent controversy with the city of Lincoln.

The moral of this story, go out there and google yourself! You never know who you'll find or what kind of identity crisis to expect in the future. ; ) Let me know if you find anything good!