Hot or Not?

Hot or Not?

Now I know that this title conjures up visions of that website where you go to rate people on attractiveness and have a little laugh about it at the same time.... but I'm talking about a whole new game. The game where every time I take a bite of food I have guess whether or not my boyfriend got to it first with his hot sauce, chili peppers, or other forms of hotness. Even the most unsuspecting dishes turn my mouth on fire and send me reeling for a glass of milk. Most recently, I even blamed him for making the grapes in the fruit bowl hot. Then I realized that it was my fault for handling a bottle of some hot sauce with a name like Insanely Hot or Mad Dog's Hot Sauce and then going and picking up a grape right after. Hotness is so invasive!! I just have to touch it and it will make my eyes burn and my lips scorch. My boyfriend tells me that hot food is something you learn to love- and then you just can't get enough of it. I belive that it takes a certain kind of masochistic personality to enjoy that pain. However, the bf's penchant for rollercoasters, running marathons, and Indian sunburns (I mean seriously who LIKES that???) give some indication towards that masochisitc personality without a doubt. It must be something that runs in the family too... the first time I had dinner with his parents, his mom made turmeric pasta, which was great- but hot as hell! I've come a long way since that dish and have really tried to open up to the hotness. I still catch the bf trying to add some form of hotness to everything though. Last night, I caught him adding red pepper to the's a disease. I swear. Love you baby! In the meantime, I'm sure my "Did you.....!!!" Followed by that smile will continue until I've gotten to the point where I don't either don't seem to notice, or to mind the heat.

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  1. Anonymous10:32 PM

    You'll have a red hot tolerance before you can say DAMN...THAT'S HOT...if you stick with me :-)



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