More from the Keys...

After being stranded in a training session in the Auditorium for 2 days, I was slacking on both news perusing and blog writing. This is why I was so surprised to get a phone call from my dad at 11:45 last night with the "Did you hear??" (and also the, when are you coming down here followup). Now, news of that sort from my dad is rare. It takes a lot of shock value to make it news worthy to him.

Apparently, this time a gas tanker blew up on the 7-mile Bridge on Monday and closed it for 15 hours. I would imagine that would leave a lot of people stranded on one side or the other for the night. My dad said that they were really lucky that the fire didn't burn though because not only would it have to be closed for weeks (cutting off all access to Key West by car), but also cutting off water and electricity. Yikes!

Those bridges throughout the Keys scare me enough and now I have to be worried of fiery gas tanker crashes?? Seriously, the number of head-on collisions per year throughout the Keys is tragic. I guess it's a lethal mix of 2 lane roads and bridges with amazingly distracting scenery and amazingly stupid people who feel the need to drive like maniacs.



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