Fun in the Sun... on Randalls Island

I came across an article on CNN that New York City was going to be home to a waterpark... A waterpark huh? Where in the world would one put a waterpark in NYC? Randalls Island of course! My beloved and I spent a long and dusty day on Randalls last summer when we went to a Dave Matthews Band concert on the island. It's an event that we affectionately remember as the Dust Bowl 2005 because by the time we left to make the trek back to Hoboken we were absolutely covered in dust from head to toe. Covered. It was up my nose, in my eyes, my hair. Everywhere.

Anyway, the moral of this story is..... ohhh the waterpark. The proposed 26 acre park is due before next summer (2007). Yaaaayy! I'm excited to see what big and bold waterpark NYC will turn out!

Check out the article:

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  1. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Thats great. New York needs some more attractions. I'm glad that you and your beloved had a good time at the DMB concert, plus the fact that you got dirty is great. I'm sure that it was a great time. I went to a DMB concert with my lady, which was fun, only it was in Mass. and not NY. Anyway I cant wait to respond to your next blog.


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