RI WiFi?

Rhode Island is a peculiar little state. For those of us who have spent most of our lives here, it's much harder to see all of the little oddities that those outside of Rhode Island can't fathom. Take 'bubbler' for instance... yeah.. you drink out of it, so what. Then those outsiders go and try to claim that it's called a 'water fountain'. A water fountain?? Are you crazy, ducks swim in water fountains. There are other things, like our affection for Del's lemonade, Dunkin Donuts, and cabinets (like a milkshake but wayyy better!).

So where was I going with all of this? Ahhh yes. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the union. To those of you from Texas, hell even Connecticut, we are unfathomably small. It takes less than an hour to go from the top to the bottom. Being such a small state allows us to share in those interesting little idosynchrocies like pooling together to make fun of Cranston (or Craaaaaanston, rather). The fact that we are so small also brings up another thing. Wireless Internet for the WHOOOLE state. Yup. I came across this article yesterday on CNN.

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (Reuters) -- America's smallest state is seeking to become its first to offer a wireless broadband network from border to border.

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