Bird Lady

SSlice19: I just want bird lady to quit though
SSlice19: she's always cluttering my desk
jem4415: which one is bird lady?
SSlice19: and if she leaves we get a new temp without skills who I can make file my stuff
SSlice19: the one who brought a bird in her shirt a temp
jem4415: a real bird??
SSlice19: yes
SSlice19: and it lived in her boobs
jem4415: what?!?!
SSlice19: I told you this story
jem4415: you're making this up
jem4415: no I vaguely remember you started to tell me this
SSlice19: and I recently found out that it pooped on her and this is how Donna found out that it was there
jem4415: ohhh this crazy world we live in.

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