World Cup fever

The World Cup is something that the majority of Americans just can't fathom. Soccer (football, le foot, footie, etc etc) in the US is something that one grows up playing but there's never really that national sports fever about it, like there is for baseball or football (American style, that is). I didn't really "get it" until I lived in France, right down the street from the Stade Velodrome, a stadium in Marseille, France that is home to the Olympique de Marseille (Allez L'OM!!) It's amazing to me how wound up these people get about soccer. It's craaaazy. But soo much fun. We would buy our tickets to the game minutes before it started by the gypsies out in front, trying to negotiate the best we could in our lacking French. One time we even ended up in the VIP section because the game had already started and we had no idea what seats we were negotiating for. I really do miss it! I hung out with Jen and her German this weekend (who lives with a house full of Germans) and they even had painted bananas to resemble the German flag. World Cup Feeeevaaaaaaa

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